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The Walther Power Distribution Units safely centralize and distribute power from temporary power poles or jobsite generators. They have a main power input to transform high voltages into usable 480/240/208/120-volt GFI-protected power from a variety of receptacle outputs. The Walther PDUs are designed for typical jobsite applications like welding, cutting, cranes, machinery, power tools, on-board entertainment events and more. Metal Stainless Steel Plate Laser Cutting Machine

Walther Power Distribution Units - Pro Tool Reviews

Walther designed the Power Distribution Units for use on the construction site, outdoor events, ship building and repair, emergency preparedness, or anywhere else you might need temporary power.

Walther Electric has designed their PDUs to work reliably in the roughest terrain, the most demanding applications, and in extreme environments. The PDUs use heavy-duty, solid rubber in the body construction for a non-conductive enclosure suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Most models come NEMA 3R-rated for weather resistance. NEMA 3R enclosures protect against incidental contact with enclosed equipment. It also gives the unit protection from falling dirt, rain, sleet, and snow. And, it provides protection against rain at a higher level than the lowest live part.

Furthermore, the PDU’s modular design lets you stack and store multiple units for better organization and space saving.

By integrating numerous receptacles into one electrical enclosure, the Walther PDUs eliminate the need for multiple conduit runs with individual branch circuit wiring. This not only reduces material costs, but it streamlines your operations when temporary power is necessary.

You can find a collection of “off the shelf” Walther Electric Power Distribution Units on Amazon. The seven models listed range from $776 to $1,021. To view the Walther Electric Catalog with their entire line of “off the shelf” models, click here.

However, you can also customize a Walther PDU to your exact specifications. You can find an order form for custom PDUs in this product catalog listed above. To contact the company directly with any questions, visit them at www.waltherelectric.com.

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Walther Power Distribution Units - Pro Tool Reviews

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